The Yabuno Ettun Project


Music critic and photographer Eliseo Cardona, editor of the blog BlueMonk Moods, has described YEP as “two young masters creating dialogues of mesmerizing possibilities.” He also wrote: “Their music is based on the intrepid attitude that anything goes as long as risk is shooing away any fear.”

Indeed, YEP is a highly creative collaboration between Japanese pianist Haruka Yabuno and Israeli bassist Ehud Ettun. Each one an imaginative composer, Ehud and Haruka have created, during the past few years, a unique interaction on stage. Their performances have also been described by listeners as “captivating” and “fascinating.”

“The beauty is that we came together through music way before we could find a common verbal language,” explains Haruka. “Once music took over, once we knew that improvising could take us anywhere, the journey itself was our destination.”

The repertoire is broad landscape, which may explains each concert is a unique experience.

Ehud explains: “Even though we came from different backgrounds, perhaps musically, indeed culturally, we found many similarities between Japan and Israel, let alone between us.”

And he adds: “Exploring without asking permission, without fear is what rewards as musicians and listeners.” The YEP has performed in various venues in the US, including Jazz at the Kitano (NY), Lilypad (MA), Somethin’ Jazz Club (NY) and more.